January 19, 2006

one more minute to go before i sleep

oh i thought of one thing, besides that you should be reading shakespierce, and that is that I wish someone -- not Google or Blogger as they don't care -- could tell me how to get my profile info and picture back into my sidebar. It was disappeared when I logged in after a three-hour Blogger routine maintenance, um, outage. It's there in my actual Blogger profile, but gone from my template.
Okay, really, I'd like all of us to go to sleep now. Ready? Meds taken? TV off? Clean laundry on the bed piled on top of you? (That's one of my favorite things: sleeping burried in clean laundry. There must be a forum for this. Now that I've outed myself, I guess I should go check.)
okay, sleep well.
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1 comment:

Mary Lu said...


Yesterday I took my first day off in weeks,to get the laundry pile get caught up since Christmas. So no jokes about falling asleep on a pile of fresh laundry. Now that it's done I need to find the energy to get it put away. But first I need to get my keyboard fixed on the old notebook. The damn Q-key broke out of the socket.

Good news Dr. D's Mom is doing better. But we're not out of the woods.

Another day-- another exciting challenge.