January 19, 2006

January 15, 2007

The Internet grinds to a complete halt, stopping life as we know it in its tracks. Schools close. Banks padlock the doors. Store registers shut down. Air travel and mass transit stops.

The cause? One dumb blonde joke started on the blogs.

Knock Knock, We're Here.


Anonymous said...


The sad thing is that it wasn't even a dumb blond joke... it was variant of the "ANY_SCAPE_GOAT_DUMB_GROUP_HERE Intelligence Detector".

I suspect that the traffic might be all the search engine and blog discovery tools just finding the looping links and since the loop was so large they didn't detect the loop programmatically.

In other words a big fucking waste of cycles for everyone.

And NOT funny. I've just heard it too many times.

Anonymous said...

I knew it would happen, I just didn't know the date. I will update my schedule to not be available that date.

Thanks for providing such a valuable service.

fpaynter said...

C'mon McD. That was the funniest joke ever!

Shelley said...

McD, you need a break from weblogging. You're getting cranky.

jr, yes, you can set your clock for November 18th, 2006 -- the web will come crashing down.