January 04, 2006

The Only Site on Women's News?

Frank Paynter notices some omissions from the Women's Media Center's many linkrolls. I'm glad Frank paynted out some of the missing women. Not so sure I'm down with a site that bills itself as "the only place for news on women," because, well, this is the Internet and you're not the only anything -- except you if you're lucky.
Somehow I don't see the BlogHer group or BlogSheroes either, although I might have just missed them--it could use some better link organization. It is nice to see the oldest and the nearest-to-my-heart women's gropu blog listed, BlogSisters.
I think it's always in good taste to suggest links to one another, whether you're a 'media center' a 'pajama media' a 'bandana media," or just a regular blogger. I like it when people suggest links to me because sometimes I'm just airheaded and forget to notice stuff. I know Frank would remind me in the same nice way he reminds the WMC. I know I'd go 'duh' and fix it.
Just like the WMC should change it's 'about' statement...
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jeanne, you gotta check out the list of Advisors and Board Members. It will become clear quickly that this website is the old guard. These women are all from traditional corporate media. That fact explains much.