January 17, 2006


I swam today. I can't TELL you how cool that was. I haven't taken the time to go to the Y and swim in like 6 months, and considering th 932 pounds I've gained since quitting smoking a year and a half ago (REMEMBER? It was THAT long ago!!), today's aqua boot camp was not only a good idea, but entirely ass kicking. I was there with a couple of ladies my age and the rest 60ish plus. I loved them. They were so happy to be there, bouncing around the pool with their dumbbells, me included, and no that's not a misplaced modifier. They all welcomed me and we said our first names and I think it was the most social interaction I've had in a month, not counting IMing and Skyping with Albert and the BubbleShare team, and my secret in-town clients that I'd have to kill you if I told you about.
The class was just under an hour, so I was home and on the computer by 10 or so. Make me go tomorrow or the next day. You are completely allowed to say GO SWIM, YOU ARE BEING BITCHY. Or GO SWIM, the next 330 pounds are right around the corner! Or, GO SWIM, the ladies miss you! Or, GO SWIM, you'll feel better. Or you can also just ignore me, because as you know, the blogosphere is a free country, unless your an anonymous troll who annoys, which means you go to jail now. Let's hear it for the NeoCon Civility Force!
No really, I'm for that law.
No against it.
No for it.
No against it.
Really it depends on if I'm doing the annoying, which I never do anonymously or the anoyee, which is really a state of mind, isn't it?
Okay, links coming soon, and in the mean time, I am so busy my head is swimming. On an article deadline. There's nothing worse than that, except for NOT being on an article deadline.
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