January 17, 2006

Sing It, Henry

From Blogads' Henry Copeland. (Watch Henry . I don't know if you know how brilliant he is. You should know these things. We at allied try to keep you informed. That's why our hamster cages never get cleaned.)
The umbrella is turning inside out -- the old edges are the new hubs and vice versa. No amount of glue or good will or philosophical gloss will save the old hubs, the newspaper businesses whose economics and infrastructure are premised on exploiting the now-useless monopolies on printing presses and distribution channels.
Well I like the umbrella metaphor better than the highly-touted long tail, because of the wind it takes to bend the frame. It's that context thing.
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fpaynter said...

clicking on the link to Henry, I get a wonderful error message, the kind of error message that the whole net should have hidden away in its dark forbidden places...

now I'm off to beggars choice to watch the "light a fart" clip. again.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Oh my god i love that. i guess i'll add the real link somewhere in the post, because that trick is precious.