January 19, 2006

You can call me Madame Secretary

From misunderstood to healed in six easy steps. Do the recovery boogie.


Anonymous said...

Jeanne, I posted a comment, but I don't think it took. I will check in later to see if it is just slow in showing up.

Anonymous said...

Ok, it didn't post, so here it is again, fingers crossed.

The hyperlink to ‘send email to Jeanne’ doesn’t appear to be functioning on my email or on Rage’s site, so here is my response to BPD:

Funny, we were talking about this at work the other day (night - I was on graveyards). None of us would admit to being part of the group we were talking about, but the subject was 'how many people are taking serious anti-depressant or psychotropic medication just to be able to maintain the day to day trauma of working "here."' 'Here,' of course, being where we work in the petrochemical/manufacturing/construction/etc. industry. Even 15 yrs ago, after the bust, this was still a pretty good place to work. No matter what we did we made money. We came to work, did a good job, went home and collected a pay check. Now money is naturally the bottom line, no question, but today it must accompany review and documentation of people centric activity on a low cost to serve basis with all and sundry business speak buzz words and 'right way to manage' du jour. All activity must be aligned with the mission/vision of the company and each individual must submit a personal goal plan, a personal safety action plan, a peer review plan and must make sure that their daily activities align with the Operate Work Process Plan. Are we all up to date with the OWPP today? There is also a 'Resolve Myself' initiative and training matrix to give us tools to be able to decide if an activity can be self actuated to a business standard aligned conclusion or must be forwarded onto a 'door monitor' who decides what other support systems can be leveraged to enhance the positive outcome of the activity.

My head spins and my sanity is sitting in the background belly laughing hysterically because to do otherwise would be to sit in a corner and degenerate into a catatonic daze. In my objective opinion it is not the individual who is afflicted with Borderline Personality Disorder, it is the whole system teetering on the edge of psychotic breakdown. In the land of the insane the same person must appear insane to survive. Isn’t that what Mr. Spock said?