February 16, 2006

And by the way, why cheney et al didn't release to the media sooner?

Dudes, he was tanked:

Cheney said he had one beer at lunch, but that no alcohol was consumed during the late afternoon outing.

Lie. Only reason he brought it up was that someone saw him drink at lunch, so he had to cover that base. He's had DUIs, he still drinks, he was impaired.

Wonder why it took so long to find out about the story--damage control and verification of who saw him drinking.

Ambulance too crowded to go with the best friend you shot? How about your breath would have given it away.

The white house is run by two active alcoholics whose all-or-nothing thinking is stinking up the entire world.

Ambulance too crowded? Right, Dick.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see "The Daily Show" on Tuesday night? Excellent bit about comparing the accidental shooting to Iraq.

"Even if Cheney knew it wasn't a quail, but his friend, he still would have shot. We can't show weakness in the face of the quails. Even talking about it is telling the quail how we hunt them, and now they are laughing at us."

More or less what was said...classic!

Anonymous said...

That, and the woman who wasn't his wife...

Jeneane Sessum said...

I SEEE! Blue Dresses: They're Not Just for Dems Anymore. ;-)

"Honey, we were JUST duck hunting!"

Steve Barton said...

This entry is not nice. And the rest of your blog shows you to be a reasonable, nice person. Fight off Bush Derangement Syndrome -- it does you no good!

All the best, Steve Barton