February 13, 2006

The sessum sessions, part 3 (audblog ate part 4)

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DeanLand said...

AAARGH! It abruptly ended (can something fade abruptly?) just as George was about to say that what's missing is the human factor!

And what is sad for those who cherish music, and yet very wonderful for those who possess less talent, are machines that keep voice(s) on key, that modulate guitars (et al) to keep them in tune at all times, and production facilities that enable seemingly perfect end results.

None of this is especially new. But the advances in technology enable the lesser lights to take advantage of these facilities. Once they (or their handlers/producers) learn the how-to, they are able to seem to shine brightly.

True talent will out in the long run. And George's life will be greatly improved after he finishes up this Bitterness Project, in which he and the rest of the players cover mediocrity posing as music.

I agre with George, btw: call him a "Maestro of the Bass," a more fitting designation, and much less of a wink-wink, nod-nod sort of denigration!).

Jeneane Sessum said...

Dean, you're right there! And right on. Jeesh, you could be part of the family with those observations.

Now, the other thing is, AUDBLOG ATE OUR LAST POST!!! It had all the answers!!!


DeanLand said...

Well then, let's get clarity on this. You have your nuclear family, your extended family, your basic all-inclusive "family of man" (and that includes women, of course)and then there's your blog family.

Anyway, we have so much in common we might just as well be relatives.

Yours in a variation on zebratude,

Cuzzin' Dean