February 14, 2006

love this shooting dick post

Let's just get it all straight -- the tough questions are over at jehng bangkok's:

I thought Dick Cheney was in a mfn coma then I read the news about him shooting someone in the face? IN THE FACE! Who in their right mind goes mfn hunting when theres real things to take care of like a trade deficit? It seems like Mr Chaney would rather be out shooting people in the face than sitting behind a desk at the white house. When will this insanity stop? How is Dick going to justify his actions?

"Uh yeah uh uh uh *studder studder* *drool* I’m so uh uh duh sorry for uh shooting you in your umm face *drool* it was an *drool* accident uh uh I was uh aiming for uh that unicorn *drool* *studder* *shake* *shake*”

You can’t even really blame Dick , you’ve gotta blame the people that actually put the shot gun in his hand because you know with the claws he’s got theres no way he could open any door or cabnet.

Right on.

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