February 14, 2006

Where's the best place to start TMA Alpha?

Okay--there are a few of us who really want to start this centralized analyst wiki/collaboration thing to bring whatever we can find (and begin to create NEW non-$3K-reports) to the net.

I was looking at jotspot, because i know how to use it, but that seems too internal for this effort. We want ya'll to be able to easily access it as we grow our body of findings (oooo!). A blog won't work--the end result isn't chronological in nature. Where can you easily write together, like 10 people or so (with the ability to scale in a wikipedia like fashion), that has an easy user interface and easy admin, that could either be a hosted solution or else hell I'll pay $10 a month to host it somewhere.

i dunno what the business model is. but i know I've had two good ideas in a week and damn i have other jobs. I'd love to build a voiki (maybe we'll have a voiki subsection of the TMA site), and the analyst disintermediation project has legs. These things I know.

or as they say in my neighboring state: That dog DO hunt!

TMA is the working name of the group/site. Stands for.... oh you can guess.

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