February 13, 2006

I want an audio wiki = i want voiki!

So if you heard the audblog post below, you know that I've found an old tool I used to use that I somehow thought was swooped into Google's acquisition of Blogger (because I used audblog before google acquired blogger), and I logged in with my old phone number and remembered the pin. THERE IT WAS. All my old info.

The surprise? I've somehow accumulated 65,500+ available audio posts. I've paid for them, hell I could still be paying for them. The service was only $3 a month back in the day. I don't know--does that mean I've been paying for like 120 years, or does it only seem that way?

Anyway, what I'd LIKE to do is give you all the number and let whoever wants to audblog post away here on allied with your own audio posts. The problem is, that would mean giving each and every one of you the login phone number and pin, which in turn would be giving each and every one of you the ability to knock me off of my own account forever.

Did I used to think anyone would do such a thing? Used to be they wouldn't have.

Can I think of folks who are already lining up to snatch away my admin rights? Oh yeah.

SO, what I need, Audblog People at Listen Labs, is a way to let people post to my blog of choice (this one or one I create) while keeping MY admin rights password protected. Let me set up the posting privileges of others. Help us start audio wikis and discussion boards with this technology. FUCK broadcast-model podcasting. Let's get in one place and talk about shit, one at a time, OR, call a buddy or two and record.

Audblog could do this. But who the hell are they now, and would they bother?


I have 65,500 posts available to share.

Give me a way.

[EDIT: I bought the voiki.net domain. now what?]

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