February 18, 2006

jenna's president's day confusion

Jenna got out of the tub this morning, where she thinks the best, and it went like this:

"Mommy, did the president shoot someone?"
"No, that was the vice president."
"You mean Jimmy Carter?"
"No, no he was president a long time ago."
"You mean George Bush?"
"No, he's President. I mean Dick Cheney, he's Vice President, like runner up."
"Did Dick Cheney shoot Jimmy Carter?"
"No, no. Jimmy Carter was President and he's fine. He shot his hunting buddy. They were bird hunting."
"Oh, who was his hunting buddy?"
"Just a man, an older man--pretty old, close to 80."
"Is he okay."
"Sort of--he's in the hospital."
"Well I'm glad Jimmy Carter's okay."

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