February 17, 2006

laptop skins?

i have lots of visual ideas right before i go unconscious from sleep. these days that happens what, oh, every two minutes?

so i was recently (like ten minutes ago) in this state, wake-dreaming about a meeting with a bunch of us from some team or other at a client's office, and whatever great idea we had, i forget what it was, we had skinned on our laptop lids.

This kind of neoprene skin slipped over the edges of the top of our laptop screens, and it had a logo i didn't recognize in my sleep-dreamness at the bottom of the skin, with this bold orange and white design (bubbleshare anyone?) and then some slogan in black in the middle, so that when all four? five? (don't quite remember) opened the lids of our laptops in the meeting, they all looked uniform, displaying this quirky message. Then I looked down at my face down blackberry and you know what? same skin. WHOA.

Some people dream about waterfalls.

What about the real estate on the lid of a laptop? Probably too awkward and expensive to bother with--or maybe there are already customizable skins out there?

Me? I think I'm going to go fashion a "for lease" skin now and slip it on my Acer. Right after my nap. ;-)

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Steve said...

MacSkins are (or were?) pretty cool, and they do custom printing. But the skinz have been unavailable for a long, long time.

Steve said...

Oh, will you look at that... I transposed my 'skinz' and my 'skins.'

michaelo said...

Heh. Had the same idea myself a ways back - only to find out the very next day that someone's already done it: http://aspoke.com/products/


I'd love to get our groovy Marqui postcards all over my laptop lid. And a big BS logo, of course.

Or you could go the uber-geek Mac drongo route, and just sticker-jumble that sucker to death:




Jeneane Sessum said...

SEE - figures those mac folks get all the cool stuff!!! Well I like the stickers, but they have to be those bendable, removable kind because, well, shall we just say Jeneane Serves a Variety of Clients Across Several Diverse and Unrelated Industries.