February 16, 2006


let me be the first to say Good Morning fellow time-zonians. hopefully i was also the last to feed you words last night.

if i were dr phil and you were a woman i might say: Today is yours; put your phears in check and take what's due you. take everyone else's stuff too.

if i were oprah i might say: every morning is grace, especially when you have my money, and you have to be open to the grace of the universe to make this kind of money, so may your today be all about open grace. integrity. universe. grace. open. grateful. journal. woman. integrity. deeds. grace.

if i were tom cruise i might say: HAAAAA! TODAY!!! MY DAY!!!! WHHOOOOO!!!

if i were al pachino i might say: morning, yes. it's when the sun peels itself from sleep and smacks the moon hello. morning. morning, kid, doesn't come easy. not for the moon or sun. not for the winos in the gutter. not for the hookers slapping their pay in the hands of their johns. no. morning. morning doesn't come easy.

if i were ellen i might say: isn't the best thing about morning finding those little sleep pellets in your eyes? isn't that like--whoo who visited my eyelids in the middle of the night and gave me little fairy birthstones? I mean mine, i like to save mine, have em in a jar actually, which you know doesn't go over so well with guests, i mean i guess that's because i keep the jar in the guest bathroom, well, and I guess because it's not really a jar anymore, it's kind of bigger than a jar, okay I've been doing this since I was seven, so, okay it's actually more of a tin i keep them in--a charlie's chip tin to be...well, it's not like I'm selling them or anything i just started saving my eye sand one day and one thing led to the next....

but i'm me, so, go have a redonkulously good day!!!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is "Thank goodess I'm not Tom Cruise." I would, however, take a few of his millions, though.

Jeneane Sessum said...


Denise said...

This is brilliant, as is so much of what you've been posting lately m'dear -- you're on even more of a roll than usual! Enjoying.