February 18, 2006

tags not folders on the desktop

i was thinking today how i'm still double clicking folders to see what's in them, and how a tag cloud would be an easier way to get at what's in my desktop, and maybe i assign diff colors to diff types of data, but essentially i would like to tag the docs and apps on my desktop. can i do that?

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Jon Husband said...

Hmmm .. I believe I have seen tag Clouds where there are various tags with different colours, tho' I am not the most technically-minded, so you'd have to find someone else to advise there.

Not to split hairs .. are not the names of folders and or apps *tags*, per se (and I think I know what you mean ... tagging them so that they are retrievable easily .. I think that this is essentially what the Finder in a Mac offers, but I am probably wrong .. highly probable).

A name is a tag, no ? And eventually everything under the sun should be tagged online .. yes.