February 16, 2006


Waited for two hours in the dentist chair today to be sure my very back tooth doesn't need a root canal before i do the crown on the one in front of it that has just about cracked unto pieces. i don't know. the whole dental experience wipes me out. i didn't even get hurt there today, but it wiped me out and I just fell asleep when i got home into dreams where I was weeping and somebody had died but I'm not sure who. I have lots of dreams about people dying and I'm sobbing and clinging and it feeeeeeeels very real, and in the dream I know who it is, but when i wake up my own alertness protects me--i lose who i lost.

that and I'm behind on 203 things I simply must do, which includes taking the time to pay bills et al. where are the home apps with web 2.0--where's my "foldr" that folds the laundry and puts it away for me, or "Cookr" that boils the water and sprinkles in the angle hair noodles? Where's "Covr" that makes the beds? I know there's rumba and I want one--that's the little suck-em-up that runs around your house vacumming right? SEE? that's one home 2.0 app that makes it easier for web 2.0 people to keep their lives 2.0 together.

Having offline clients too--those whose business is in tech but whose web presence doesn't matter as much (yes, there are still companies who make stuff that we don't yammer on about here--puts me in a schizophreniconsultative headspace which turns me into a headcase or an edgecase or whatever.

okay, so that's where I've been. More soon.

If you haven't taken ANY KIND OF BUBBLESQUE RELATED PICS YET, please get thee to the contest and win thee some goods. February 20th is right around the corner -- or should I say cornr.

much love.
your blogstriss.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, Jeneane, I feel with you babe!

I'm just going through that dental thing myself, having spit up an old bridge of three (top left) in the snow last week :-(

The accident split a molar there which had to be pulled, so I'll need to get a 2 and 1/2 bridge done new. Just had the hole pinned where the front bridge screw was torn out and now have a titanium screw in there, which at least saved that front one.

Yesterday I got the estimate of what it's going to cost! Makes me feel bad all over again :-(

Motto : at my age I shouldn't be riding skeleton!