April 13, 2006

Bomani Tells It Straight About the Black Greek and Beat Thing

Nothing I can say that he didn't say. For the love of  your brother's mother, cut this shit out.

Bomani puts it like this:

Stop pretending as though hazing isn't condoned or tolerated because it is. Every black fraternity I know of has a ridiculous process, one where getting beaten is just par for the course. Lines are "underground," but everybody knows the deal. I'm tired of these organizations and schools pretending like they don't know what goes on during pledging processes because they do. In fact, many university administrators endured these same processes themselves, so they're just trying to piss on my head under the guise or rain when they say they don't tolerate this stuff. Schools have spent years turning blind eyes to students walking around like zombies because they don't get sleep, probate shows where the neos wear shades to cover the bruises on their faces, kids walking around with limps and hair that hasn't been cut in weeks and kids going ghost from class for weeks because they can't be seen in their physical conditions because it would give away that they're on line.

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Jessica said...


My 15 year old son recently started playing ice hockey with his high school. During practice one day, an upper classman teased that he would soon enjoy seeing him bald. Apparently, new incoming players are "required" to shave their heads. My son didn't want to do it so I promptly called the coach and told him we wouldn't be back.

He hasn't started playing yet but, as of right now, we have been assured that he, in fact, does not have to shave his head - that it only takes place with players' consent. The hockey president told me that his own son opted not to shave his head, so we'll see.

What bothers me most, however, is the arugement that ensued afterward between me and my husband. "It's part of being on a team" he says - "Bullshit" I retort "We spend their entire life telling them to be their own person, not to conform and cave into peer pressure and NOW we want to retract all that just to be a part of a team? Again, I say bullshit!"