April 12, 2006

let your children play

it was so quiet.
i said, can i go outside and play?
she said, no, we are mourning.
i said, what is mourning?
she said, what you do when someone dies.
i said, stay inside?
she said, it shows respect for your father.
i said, then can i go next door and play with debbi?
she said, no.
i said, because of mourning?
she, yes.
i said, is debbi in mourning?
she said, no, just our family.

If he were there i would say
can i go outside and play?
he'd say play what?
i'd say, I want to look for acorns in the pasture.
he'd say, what kind?
i'd say, whole ones, not cracked ones.
he'd say, what will you do with them?
i'd say, put them in my box. i want to show debbi.
he'd say, look under the tall tree in the back corner, by the fence we fixed right before your birthday.
i'd say, did you see some there?
he'd say, at least 100 of them.
i'd say, Really?! i'll need a pail. I'll bring them to show you!
he'd say, go on now and bring back some for debbi too.

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