April 13, 2006

Cult Bastards

the art and science of mind control practiced by an organization steeped in layers and layers of high-paid lawyers is an evil, evil thing.

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Jeneane Sessum said...

p.s., this myspacer says it much nicer than I just did in an interesting post: http://spaces.msn.com/esw1966/Blog/cns!77D96180A5DD4554!501.entry

Anonymous said...

Is it a just harmless culture or a harmful destructive cult?

Jonestown without the kool-aid!

I have Jehovah's Witnesses kin in Naples Florida usa who practice the Watchtower cult enforced ritual shunning that i have not seen or heard from in 15 years.

Yes,"you can check out anytime you want,but you can never leave",they can and will hold your family hostage.

I am not the only one,the 'fraud in the name of God' Jehovah's Witnesses have defrauded millions of followers.

When the Watchtower corporate racket is held accountable for their misdeeds they scream religious 'persecution'.

Is it a (harmless) culture or (harmful) cult?

Common Properties of Potentially Destructive and Dangerous Cults

-The cult is authoritarian in its power structure. The leader is regarded as the supreme authority. He or she may delegate certain power to a few subordinates for the purpose of seeing that members adhere to the leader's wishes and roles.

-The cult's leaders tend to be charismatic, determined, and domineering. They persuade followers to drop their families, jobs, careers, and friends to follow them. They (not the individual) then take over control of their followers' possessions, money, lives.

-The cult's leaders are self-appointed, messianic persons who claim to have a special mission in life.

-The cult's leaders center the veneration of members upon themselves.

-The cult tends to be totalitarian in its control of the behavior of its members.

-The cult tends to have a double set of ethics. Members are urged to be open and honest within the group, and confess all to the leaders. On the other hand, they are encouraged to deceive and manipulate outsiders or nonmembers.

-The cult has basically only two purposes, recruiting new members and fund-raising. Established religions and altruistic movements may also recruit and raise funds. The cults may claim to make social contributions, but in actuality these remain mere claims, or gestures. Their focus is always dominated by recruiting new members and fund-raising.

-The cult appears to be innovative and exclusive. The leader claims to be breaking with tradition, offering something novel, and instituting the only viable system for change that will solve life's problems or the world's ills. While claiming this, the cult then surreptitiously uses systems of psychological coercion on its members to inhibit their ability to examine the actual validity of the claims of the leader and the cult.

Poet and writer Mark Twain sez: "if a million people believe in a stupid thing for a hundred years,it's STILL a stupid thing".

The stats out there suggest that your risk of being inducted into a destructive cult are twice the statistical risk of contracting chicken pox

Jehovah's Witnesses don't proselytize they metastasize.

Are they knocking at your door?

Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

Jeneane Sessum said...

Amen, Danny. I applaud all the work you do in telling the TRUTH about the witnesses.

How many have died because they lied??

Thousands? over how many years? Hundreds of thousands? Lack of blood, suicides, depression and illness, alcoholism.