June 22, 2006

102 in the shade

it was freakin HOT today. I mean deep south pavement bubbling atlanta hot. Triple digit hot. 102 in the shade at the bank. so hot makes you feel like robbin' one just to get shot.

mean time we had a seven-piece band up in here playing some R&B and funk, the AC not even close to keeping up with the power draw and human sweat and creative HEAT bubbling up from the studio downstairs, and finally i have the AC pushed down to 75 and the temp's reading 85 inside and climbing, and my head hurts.

that's why we drive air-conditioned cars in the south. because when all else fails, it takes a half hour to get anywhere in atlanta, minimum, so you take your bottle of water in the car, use your paypal debit card fresh with cash (thanks blogads) to fill the tank, and you go visit folks who don't have seven-piece bands blowing heat up the stairway where you're standing slicing up chicken and saying, "where's the modulation?" when the keyboard player messes with Stevie's Golden Lady.

i wonder what the walls of this house will tell people who live here after us. can you imagine?


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