June 20, 2006

Gimme the 411 on the RX

Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what you see
I hear their cries
Just say if its too late for me

Doctor, my eyes
Cannot see the sky
Is this the prize
for having learned how not to cry

jackson browne

I've been in pain for about a week.

guess that's why the writing has slowed down. figured I'd say something. first i figured i'd just wait and see and then say something. but it's gotten annoying for you i'm sure. never mind for me.

so, i got a doc's appt on wednesday. could be an ovary thing, could be a bladder thing, could be a lot o things, but it's lower right, deep lower, and it hurts like a mofo a lot of the time. Then sometimes it doesn't. But when it does, youch!  i mostly walked hunched over. no speed bumps if you please.

since i hit 44 i've been in pain mostly every day. i never thought it'd be me eating motrin every day. lots of better drugs I can think to eat. in fact, right now, with that lower lower right jabbing cramping thing, i wish i had some better drugs.

i got a blog. sort of like a drug. okay not so much.

writing is hard, so i save my 'abilities' for the client work that's due. overdue. damn. i need a staff.

bladder, bowel
toss in the towel.

i mean i have to focus the precious energy where it makes sense, or something.

and i'm thinking: i hope it's nothing bad, but that's old training, and mostly every day i still wake up and say about life: i hope it's nothing bad.

but i let other hues color my day, violet is nice and sometimes bright turquoise.

last night i did not have a fever, but my blood pressure was soaring. i think the pain.

george brings me ice and water and ibuprofen. he's the bomb.

jenna brought me a pack of frozen hot dogs: "here mom--this is for your side. sorry, i couldn't find ice."

chicken franks?

okay. you know what, they worked great. no sharp edges. she's so smart my kid. so cool. just right for tucking.

feeling old this last week or so because of the pain. reminds me i have miles to go before i sleep.

anyway, i'm going to go prop myself up and sleep and hope tomorrow i can be very productive then get ready for wednesday morn & the doc.

anyone had that kind of pain in the lower lower right groin/ovary/whatever area that stops the world down there, AND lived through it, please drop a comment.

okay, back to youtube, where you can be sick and still have a good time without lifting a finger.

oh and we got a new fence today so at least i don't have to limp after the dogs and george is like YES!

Bonus Discomfort: brandon went to the ER with pain. hope you're ok brandon.

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