June 23, 2006

DocerCon - Filtered Conference Going

The best way to attend BloggerCon far as I can see is to keep an eye on Doc-er-Con, a place where Doc will be publicly tracking his notes and observations at conference. I think this page should live on Doc's site rather than on Scripting.com, but what do I know? Or it should live on the BloggerCon.org site.

Interesting thing is that Dave as always is smart as a fox about creating liaisons for his ideas. Using Doc as a filter between what happens at bloggercon and those who will be remotely gathering information on what happens at bloggercon is brilliant. Doc is one of the smartest people online, and also the most likeable person online, bar none. He's funny, tack-smart and usually two steps ahead of the rest of us. SO, as the designated human filter for the bloggercon event, Doc will add some real value. I hope he gives his opinions along with letting us know what's said about what.

Bonus Link: PhoneCon 1876

     alexander graham winer, 1876

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