December 13, 2007

Carpool Door

...that's what I call the automatic door on the right side. no reason to use extra syllables (au-to-ma-tic) to describe something so efficient.

Had fun tuning into Sirus channel 53, Soultown, after I dropped Jenna off. This satellite radio thing is off.the.hook. I'm wondering if I can retain the feeling of this experience after its over by getting satellite radio and riding a bike.

as if.

Anyway, we are still enjoying the van, and after it's gone I'm pretty sure I won't have anything to blog about.

I wrote long ago that bloggers are worthy of sponsorships like Olympic athletes - like my electric bill is sponsored by ToysRUs, and my health insurance is sponsored by GE, and of course my transportation could be sponsored by Dodge, and so on. That would mean that for a year you wouldn't have to worry about your expenses, because you'd be wearing the team logos of Kleenex and Johnson&Johnson and so on, like a race car driver, except instead of racing you are actually blogging.

k so that's not exactly happening, but still. This week I'm pretending it is.