December 14, 2007

why is my car running while I am making pizza?

George was like: you left the doors open on the van.
I was like: no I didn't i made sure they were shut (because one kind of likes to re-open itself and if you don't watch it all the way, you don't know but it might have opened itself).
And he said he closed them but I still don't know how they opened.
I think i did it accidentally on the "KEY" that comes with this van, which is more like a flash drive looking device, without a shaft like keys have, but more like a usb looking thing.

you can open the doors using the remote, and I probably pressed it while making a snack for jenna's backpack in the kitchen.

So I'm pressing all these little buttons on the key to see can I actually open doors from afar--no idea really what the one that shows a circular motion does, or the one next to it, but I decide that I could have easily double-pressed the door-open button.

The next time I look out the window I see that the van is RUNNING. As in it's started and running and nobody's around it. omgzbbq what?

And I'm like the car is RUNNING George.

So we stared out the window for a minute and then I went and got in to see how this could be happening--this keyless startup trick it was doing. It turns out that the circular-motion button on the Key-Flash-Drive-Looking-Not-a-Key-At-All actually starts the car remotely. Like while you're in the house brushing your teeth or making stew.

Did I mention that dual DVD players mean kids can watch different shows on the two different screens that fold down? And the driver can watch too on the dashboard as long as you're parked. But when you are on the move, the Grand Car-Van is smart enough to make you turn off That's So Raven on the front dash.