December 09, 2007

back to basics

A friend gave us a crock pot she wasn't using not too long ago. Now I'm getting into the habit of throwing a bunch of stuff in it in the morning and NOT having to cook dinner because it cooks itself.

This crockpot thing rocks. The only problem is that I find most of what I make in it tastes the same. I usually make a roast, and throw in the obligatory potatoes-carrots-and-onions, along with some bullion, maybe a little onion soup mix, spices, some diced tomatoes, a little cooking sherry. Whatever's around. But no matter how I vary the ingredients, it basically always tastes like pot roast.

Variation tonight: when i took out the meat i put Bone Sucking Sauce on it. Yes actual name. SO I turned it into barbeque beef. GO ME! It was reallly good in a meaty sort of way.

In the old days I had a crock pot and even when I made sauce or chili, it tasted like pot roast. That's why I didn't have a crock pot for a long time. Or pot roast.

THAT IS TO SAY if you have any recipes for Fast Easy Crockpot Dinners that DO NOT taste like pot roast (because I've got that recipe DOWN), please point me to them.

k thanks.