December 12, 2007

Jenna's gonna faint (Or, Like Scoble With an iPhone)

So, the seemingly-spam comment left by Erica last week was the real deal. The one about the car. The new van. The Blogger test drive program for the dodge grand caravan 2008, to be precise, which I get to drive for free for a week. I feel like Shakespierce at the Miss Tattoo Universe Contest. I'm telling you.

Yours truly was selected as one of 50 Influential Women of Atlanta (hitherto referred to as IWAT, mofos) -- essentially bloggers with kids -- to test drive this with THESE features for a week.

The Eagle Parking guys just called and they're on the way over with it.

Since I talked to Matchstick, the folks handling getting bloggers on board, Jenna has been all I Hope We Win the Car! After which I have to explain to her we are not winning a car. We still have our abused chevy venture value van with crank windows. We are ONLY driving this new computer on wheels (they call it a livingroom on wheels) for a week. At which point she is all Mom That IS Winning!

I'm all like, They're Here!!

(more soon)