December 13, 2007

you know you always look like crap...

...when you volunteer at your child's school and one of the moms you know there says, "Wow, you clean up nice!" (jokingly but not really), you remember a little too late that you should use a mirror sometimes.

Yes I do frequent carpool in ponytail-sweatpant-total-lard-butt-wearing fashion on most days. So what's your point?

Today was different though. I think that driving the computer mobile (it has a 20 gig hard drive for crying out loud) is a transforming experience.

Behind that leather wheel and that ultradashboard, I am no longer an in-debt, barely-project-completing, crockpot-managing, venture-"value"-(yes it's the model)-van driving woman. I am Commander of the Grand Car-Van. Chief of Work and Play. Director of Satellite Transmissions for the State of Georgia and local Curves.

The difference is subtle, I know, but worth noting.