July 03, 2002


...to Jennifer Balderama, who's great blog I've been reading a long while now. She's leaving news.com and SanFran this month to head to a new job at the prestigious Washington Post. Look Out, D.C. This lady's got a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e.

Something knocked on my brain with this. Remember when Internet pubs were cool? (yes, well, I sure do. best time of my life in Tech PR.) I remember the daily emails about which journalist was leaving what pub to go where, leapfrogging other reporters on their quest for tech journalism fame and the ultimate prize: "respect." It took effort back then to follow the writers you liked as they jumped from one publication to the next. Media Map couldn't keep up. "He's *where* now?" was the big question of the day in the agency world.

When journalists change publications, their style goes with them, their personality goes with them, and their quirks go with them. Their good writing goes with them too.

And that brings me to another "Thank God for Blogging." Because as Jennifer makes her way across the country, starts a new job in a completely new city working for an entirely different kind of publication, her blog will remain a constant. Nonsense-Verse is her voice's real home. She can do her job wherever she wants, but we'll know where to find her--find what she really thinks, feels, cares about. And I'm so glad I don't have to go chasing after her. I am getting too old for that shit.

Jennifer, I'll be waiting right hear for you. Have a safe journey. And give 'em hell.