July 02, 2002

Upon Waking

Heat moves flames surrounding bodies lying still, noticing, hairs stand, apart, touch no touch, freedom, silence, hush, finding you finding me. Softness, smooth steady arm bending, fold welcomes sleeping cheek. Cascade song unwinding up, lips brush, necks bend, awaken, arouse, arise and go gentle morning sadness.

Come up come up, here beside me linen lovely peach sunrise. Come down come down, here beside me dark and lonely mocha night. Touch yes touch fingers searching moist between inside. Touch yes touch fingers finding hard without above.

Turning touching hands arms lips fire kisses deep tongues explore. Legs open welcome surround hips pull close up in. Hard soft flash light, black white in out quick slow hurt heal pleasure pain, more, ride now gently wet gliding sliding beneath.

Unaware, finding you up inside deep until deeper still climbing holding tight. Twisting circling raming thrusting dance, breathe moan trickle down, sweat scream thrash clutch bend arch tangle brace release.

Loss resolves, no me no you, the moment.