June 28, 2003

Google Toolbar

The new Google Toolbar is quite something else. I can see why the other blog software folks are in a tizzy.

But what do they expect, I wonder?

Let's see, Google shells money out for blogger and then DOESN'T incorporate blogtrinsic applications into its Google Toolbar? How stupid would that be? Catch up and get over it. The leaps and bounds acts by Google are good for all of us, because in the end they make all of you move faster to give us better.

I'm using the little "blogger" button at the top to see how the "Blog This" feature works. Apparently, you can post on the fly when you find a page that's worth writing about using this nifty little deal.

My goodness. Imagine... I wonder if it's post specific--i.e., if I'm visiting Halley's blog, can I "blog this" about a specific post? Maybe right click on the permalink or something and have the "Blog This" option appear?

That would be sahweeeet.

This is pretty sweet itself.

bye bye little "blog this" window--going to post and publish now...

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