June 26, 2003

JBMCSE: The Only Guaranteed Approach to Corporate Weblogging

To my surprise, given that not a soul has commented over here in DAYS, I made a run on Daypop yesterday, and I caught the attention of Corante, Tom, Rodent Regatta, and The Happy Tutor, the latter of which always does a fine job of making my jaw drop. Thanks to the tutor, many who meet me read my open-mouthed amazement as a run-of-the-miill, stress-induced facial spasm caused by the lack of a day job. If they only knew it was his fault. All of them.

At any rate, encouraged by someone noticing what I write for a change, no offense to my 96 regular readers each day, whom I love more than buttered toast, I decided to put a positive spin on this corporate blogging thing and come up with Jeneane's Blogging Methodology for C-Suite Executives (JBMCSE).

No, it's not proven. No ROI to speak of.

But results are, nonetheless, guaranteed!

JBMCSE: The Only Guaranteed Approach to Corporate Weblogging

Discovery Meeting: Our weblogging consultants will meet with your management team to introduce the JBMCSE methodology and get a better understanding of your business challenges. During this phase, we will provide you with the latest information about weblogging, micromarkets, and what pundits like Jupiter predict for the future of blogging and corporations. We will then try to frighten you away by using the word “risk” frequently without putting “reduces” before it. Please don’t tell your lawyers about this meeting. Counsel is not invited to attend.

Requirements Gathering: Our work with thousands of your customers (through extensive hyperlinking) and competitors (or people on our blogrolls who work therein) means that we bring unique knowledge of your business and marketplace to the requirements gathering process. During the Requirements Gathering phase of JBMCSE, we will work with you to outline your current processes and document the specific improvements weblogging can deliver. We will also outline critical success factors which must be achieved prior to initiating your corporate weblogging program, such as: 1) You’ve used a computer at least once before. 2.) You passed eighth-grade English class. 3.) You don’t want to be on the cover of Business Week just because you blog. Remember, we promise nothing, but guarantee everything!

Current and Future State Analysis: Where is your business today? Are you effective in communicating with your customers and stakeholders? Are your employees satisfied and motivated? Do you have the ear of key influencers in the media? In this phase we will examine the current state of your sales and marketing processes to determine how effective you are in communicating your messages to your market. The JBMCSE’s exclusive technology and tool set are designed to benchmark your current state against the goals of your organization over time--say the next five minutes. Through Gap Analysis, we can identify the process improvements that will enable your organization to rapidly achieve future state success through weblogging.

Recommendations -- The JBMCSE Roadmap: At the end of the JBMCSE process, the team will present you with your tailored JBMCSE Roadmap, which serves as a blueprint for putting your weblogging strategy into action. Recommendations we’ve made to current and former blue chip clients, include:

1) Rip up your org chart, or forget that you’re on the top line, for at least eight weeks.

2) Read six weblogs a day for six months before you type anything.

3) Tear up 4 (four) of your own business cards and put the pieces in your coffee mug. Every time you think about blogging, try drinking them to remind youself you’re human first.

4) Don’t touch the computer until every one of your employees has been encouraged to blog freely.

5) Tell your counsel that you won’t blog a single controversial word, and then do the opposite. Be prepared to cut them a big check.

These are just a few samples from JBMCSE Roadmaps we’ve developed for organizations just like yours. Remember, weblogging strategies are dynamic and complex. What’s “in” today may not be the savvy approach next week. With JBMCSE, we’ll keep our finger on the pulse of weblogging so you don’t have to. The benefits of our approach are rapid and far-reaching:

1) Cost savings: You can fire your PR agency if you do this right.

2) Efficiency gains: Imagine getting all of your paperwork done at the office so that you can go home and blog all night!

3) Happy Customers: No more expensive, resource-intensive CRM programs. Your weblog comment boxes will put you in direct touch with your constituents who never—not ever—mince words.

4) Improved product and service offerings: Test your products and services first via your weblog so you can roll out the right offerings faster, the first time and every time. For example, our “Stone Throwing” Program lets your weblog readers throw actual (i.e., real live) stones at your laptop when you post about planned product enhancements. (Note: It is important that your medical insurance premiums be up to date prior to launching our Stone Throwing program.)

5) Rapid time to market: Your market is “always on” with blogging. Time to market is dramatically reduced—or, well, eliminated!

These are just some of the tangible benefits you can expect from the JBMCSE approach to corporate weblogging. What’s more, ours is the most affordable blogging methdology in the marketplace. For pricing information or to set up a meeting, visit our web site at www.sessum.com. If that doesn’t scare you away, then you’re already a blogger and you don’t really need our services at all. Congratulations!

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