October 23, 2003

The Future Just Stopped By...

Holy Shit!

I'm probably the last to know. boing boing told me.

Amazon.com now has a "search inside the book" feature that lets you search within millions of real live (okay, online) pages to find matches to your search keywords.

Holy Shit!

I decided to test how it worked with an until-now very obscure reference to yours truly inside a book on uterine fibroids, a subject on which I am an unfortunate expert.

A couple of years back I was interviewed for a book on the topic. I elected to have the author use my first name only. Since not too many women (and even fewer men, I suppose) have the name jeneane spelled like my Jeneane, I did the amazon search inside the book for the word "Jeneane."

Sure enough, amazon pulled up every instance within the book where my name appears--and took me right to each page with a simple click.

What a simple-dimple way to relive my pregnancy trauma! how cool!

No, seriously. I am amazed by this capability. What an educational masterpiece this thing is. Do they never stop innovating over there? How for granted will our kids take this little invention in 3-5 years time?

Man! With this little deal, I'm going to be a pundit by Tuesday. You watch me.


Thanks, Amazon.

Fucking forgettaboudit.

I'm blown away.

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