October 25, 2003

Sixty Minutes Worth of Hits 4 FREE!!! (US Only)


Did you know that you gain a whopping sixty minutes worth of hits for free in the wee hours of the morning when the clocks jump back an hour TONIGHT?

Have you thought about what those extra sixty minutes could add to your hit count each year? Are you leveraging your free hour with that perfectly-timed post that'll have all the biggies link lovin' your bloggin behind?

If not, you should be!

All you have to do to get your hour's worth of hits for free is to subscribe to the "Standard Time Hit Fandango Reminder Subscription Service" for only $19.95.. THAT'S RIGHT!!!! Only $19.95. When you register for MY service, I'll remind you around the same time next year* to blog that political post you've been saving for just the right time, that secret formula for bringing down Microsoft, or that insightful post on gender issues that's sure to pop you right to the top of the charts.

Imagine your potential gains in Technorati and Google standings! Think of the money you can rake in when Toyota decides to put their fancy new car ad on YOUR blog.

What can sixty minutes worth of gimme hits get you? Well, if you're Instapundit, probably 2.4 million additional hits!

That's right: 2.4 million additional hits!

You too can be a pundit and capitalize on this once-a-year opportunity. It doesn't matter if you're polipundit or techpundit or lawpundit or mompundit or sexpundit or dadpundit or laidoffpundit or, one near and dear to my heart, deathpundit, BIG TIME HITS ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

Don't you want to be like Instapundit???


C'mon. You know you do.

Well then, send me $19.95.


*certain restrictions apply**
**offer void if I quit blogging, if I feel like not bothering, or if I simply forget.