October 24, 2003


Yikes--don't tell IBM, Magnet, Digital Insight, Cingular, Nokia, AMS, Matrix, HealthTrio, Medaphis, Hyperion, Harland, Equifax, Novartis, Merial, Kodak, or any of my other past or current clients that I didn't get asked to the women and tech blog prom.

Fascinating but oddly exclusive list of technology-focused women bloggers, many of whom I respect from the standpoint of writing and technology. It will be interesting to see how this blog plays out.

Rumor has it that Shelley and I are crashing the party. Shelley will be the one in the tux.

I remember when I started a group blog or two. It never occurred to me to "select" or hand pick the participants. Of course, I've always hoped this place would be more like a party than a tech magazine. I'm so goofy that way. It keeps getting me in trouble.

Meanwhile, I gotta run and do some tech work so I can keep da lights on.