October 31, 2003

i spy

First of all, my spacebar is acting up again. Nothing drives me more crazy than when the very-faulty keyboard of this dell laptop acts up. Writing with a sucky keyboard is like driving without tires.

I'm sickof backspacingt o fix things.SOthisis howmykeyboardworks -- and yes i am pressingthespace bar between each word, it'sjust that sometimes you get one space and sometimes you get NOspaces and sometimes you getTWOspaces--and thisishowit looks.

SO, you can see that I spend a great deal of my writing time BACKSPACING. I said to george the other day, I spend more time going backwards than forwards when I write on this computer.

Anyway, I didn't come here to bitch. However, $5K for a brand new laptop WOULD make me stop bitching at least for 60 days. On the other hand, morning's here. Maybe I'll try cleaning this keyboard again.

Remind me to tell y ou a bout I Spy (the titleof thispost) after I work on my keyboard.

be back....