October 31, 2003

My Date Is So Smart

Meg's also got a great comment thread over her way asking how people got to be what they are--by accident or with some kind of forethought or intention. It started with tech, but other career types have chimed in as well.

For me, how boring is this to admit, I had this whole thing all planned, even the blogging part. Yep. When I needed a place where I could write something other than boring case studies for IBM, I decided to invent weblogging. Not accidental--quite intentional.

NO NO--no need to thank me.

The idea first came to me after a visit to the National Game and Wildlife Refuge where I watched the mating of two very horny capra aegagrus. No lie. You see wild goats often have fur balls in their stomachs. The poor sons of bitches were hunted to near extinction by mountain peoples who thought these goo-covered hairballs were ripe with medicinal qualities, providing cures for such problems as impotence.

Anyway, I'm watching two of these hairy bastards engage in their mating ritual up on the jagged side of a particularly treacherous mountain, and I can't quite get over the idea that this somehow signifies something larger, something incredibly important, and as I watch the male just pounding away, crazy like, his flipper tail tucked tight, the female bracing herself and leaning in against him, thinking of the kids she'll have on the way by spring, it comes to me:


You see? Nothing's accidental.