October 27, 2003

wiping one's ass with both hands

Also over on Gonzo, Marek is exploring Voice among early bloggers (minus the technology). Emerson? No. Something much, much better:

Afterwards, I wiped my ass, said Gargantua, with a kerchief, with a pillow, with a pantoufle, with a pouch, with a pannier, but that was a wicked and unpleasant torchcul; then with a hat. Of hats, note, that some are shorn, and others shaggy, some velveted, others covered with taffities, and others with satin. The best of all these is the shaggy hat, for it makes a very neat abstertion of the fecal matter. Afterwards, I wiped my tail with a hen, a cock, with a pullet, with a calf's skin, with a hare, with a pigeon, with a cormorant, with an attorney's bag, with a montero, with a coif, with a falconer's lure. But to conclude, I say and maintain, that of all torcheculs, arsewisps, bumfodders, tail napkins, bung-hole cleansers, and wipe breeches, there is none in the world comparable to the neck of a goose that is well downed, if you hold her neck betwixt you legs. And believe me therein upon mine honour, for you will thereby feel in your nockhole a most wonderful pleasure....

On His own blog, Marek integrates the self of himself using a common children's game in an uncommon way. For the love of Pete, the man is brilliant:

And now I still want it to be different yet I found a game to play with my brokenness. I play Peekaboo! I found out that to play Peekaboo you need a partner, and what better partner than a broken man. And he and I play. When he covers his face I rejoice for he disappears his ugliness and I see a beautiful world. Then he uncovers his face and I see the ugly world but he gets to see me, unlike himself and I think he really loves it. Then it's my turn to play. I get to cover my face and I am happy that I don't have to look at this ugly broken human being and I can, for few monents, disappear into my imaginary world and I think he is sad at that moment because he is alone. But then I uncover my face and he gets to be happy and I again see the broken man. This game we play is the most fascinating game we have found to keep beauty and ugliness be next to each other. I think he likes this game. I know I do. Peekaboo!

Pekaboo, Marek!