January 02, 2004

trauma with a G

Anyone seen Brother Bear yet? Well, don't. What a crappy movie. Despite Phil Collins' lovely voice in two or three of the songs, the movie was disappointing.

What's with Disney and Death these days? What's with G movies where family members get killed left and right? I remember Bambi being an exception--having to be "old enough" to see it without being too sad. Old Yeller too. And those were animal movies!

Now we've got Nemo and Brother Bear within a couple of months of each other with happy little characters smacked with the death of their wife/mother (nemo), and eldest brother and bear mother of koda (brother bear), not to mention Kenae's turning back into a bear forever. And what's with these dead-folks-turned-spirits that can come back and play, roughhouse, and hang out with you?

Yeh, well, it ain't like that.

Geeze louise! Give our kids a break. Make a sweet animated film without the carnage, would ya?

For the record, I think Nemo was excellent--the death in that movie was integral to the plot and handled well. As for brother bear? don't waste your $$.