December 30, 2003

home again home again, jiggity jig

Back from the Sandestin Hilton, a nice stay, though cold. Did I say cold? Frigging cold. I'm no more a Yankee. I confess it here. I can't take the cold anymore. When my NY friends here me say I was cold in Florida, which they just have, they can take my yankee card away, strip me of my pizza rights, and color me southern.

Okay, there you have it. I'm a southern frigging belle already. Okay? Are you happy? I said it.

BUT the indoor pool and whirlpool were nice, if not filled with water slightly thicker than I remembered water being, something which distressed George more than it did Jenna and I, until I actually examined the pool water and noticed it looked, well, filthy kind of. But that didn't stop us. Mother and daughter on antibiotics battling bronchitis and sinus infections, what the hell could we possibly catch?

Don't answer that.

So we swam and built sand castles and ate out and -- jenna's favorite -- ordered room service and george went deep sea fishing in 6-foot plus waves. Let him tell you about that. He has a stomach made of iron, and I could make a lot of jokes here, but I won't, so I'll shut up.

I never plugged the computer in. I forgot what the Web was. Didn't care about social networks or weblogging awards or google page ranks. I only cared about finding one of those big peach pool towels as soon as they came up from the laundry because they were still WARM and I wasn't.

Fish is really tasty down there on the Gulf.

That is all.