February 25, 2004

Also momming

because i have to be one step ahead of jenna, which means, since she's going to eat at my sister's this evening, I have to go find the giant Cheer Bear someplace in this mess, because I promised her I'd bring it, and make sure wishbone is in the car, and pack up PJs so she can get ready for bed before I grab her, her asthma medicines--four to be exact--her vitamins, toothbrush, favorite pen--the one with the feather queen hat on it--her notebook, and then get her uniform ready for school tomorrow, and tights, and don't forget the Kid's Art check and ASP check and the permission slip that needs to be signed for the Dairy farm they're going to visit, and the check for that, and I haven't even signed her up for that yet, but she said last night they're changing the date--no note from the teacher, hmmm--not to mention what's up for summer camp, are we going to figure that out soon, because it's february after all...

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