February 23, 2004

The Velocity of Beauty - Social Software in Four Minutes


I launched Flickr.

I jumped into the flickr community discussion.

I shared a link to my post about flickr and social software in the chat with Jared, nerochiaro, J David, Shadow, Stewart and a couple of other folks.

They read my post and commented. "No point--I like that," someone said.

I asked where everyone was working from--if the flickr police in CorpUS had visited anyone yet.

Jared, whom I'd never run into before, said he was working at the studio.

I asked what kind.

He said a programming studio. This one to be precise.

I looked around the site, amazed. Do it. Do it now.

I found Jared here.

I looked some more.

And I found one of the points of social software.

A message popped up, and I said yes, and Jared and I are now aquaintances.

And then I found another point.

And a lot of points.

And it took four minutes.