February 26, 2004


I didn't write here today. Guess you could tell. You know, I've been all about trying to gear myself up to write this most recent web site for a client. And, you know, I've been all about having zero energy and -3 motivation. And I've been all about smacking myself for whining about it because I'm happy to have the work, I'm just not happy with myself having no energy.

Last night I went to bed early. I was ready to be responsible. Get my rest. Get up. Get Jenna to school, and then work my ass off all day. No blogging. No flickring. No no no non-grown up sports.

Then I turned on TV and found out that the 1/8 inch of snow we had (which is gone now) meant that all Atlanta schools were closed.

Oh for holy cowedness! Curses, foiled again.

So I worked during the in-between moments, of watching Jenna use her beach toys to build sand castlels of slush on the porch, getting cross with her for no apparent reason other than my own f-ing off that led to this being such an IMPORTANT work day to get stuff done, and being mad at myself for being mad at the snow day.

Hopefully this blizzard that kept everyone locked up all day will be over by tommorrow. I swear. They were getting nervous the whole winter would pass by without a reason to cancel life. But we didn't quite make it.

have a slushy evening.