March 30, 2004

almost done...

chapter 13 is long. files are big. we're almost done. george is reading. jenna kicks it off. i am, what would you call it, executive producer? Soon. Coming soon as we get small enough files to upload. Don't abandon us. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program soon. In the mean time go read Jay Rosen's comments (referenced four posts down). good stuff. i am tired. jenna has an ear infection and more -- found out after 10 days of trying to kick this sinus/cold/asthma thang. She held her own but finally took her today to see. she's a trooper.... i am in a stupor. live and love among yourselves.

I think my blog frightened a potential client today. I giggle when that happens. Luckily, since I have some good clients in my court these days, I can giggle. I like to giggle. I like sleep more.

Kombinat! Newest product - take waste from sleep and turn it into productivity. we like carbon dioxide. K! Hi marek.