April 03, 2004

FREE CULTURE by Lawrence Lessig (and friends) - Reflections, part 1

Scott Matthews has a great site up giving a home to the chapters folks have read.

Eric Rice also has a great one.

Can you imagine if, let's say, Lessig was some other author with a publicist and PR firm, and on the off chance the publisher would even consider tossing the audio online for free (which they wouldn't), how long it would take to make it happen. Hire the professionals, rent a studio, get design involved, build a portal with links hither and yon. What's your guesss--I say a month on the absolute short end. Probably more like three. You'd have strategy and messaging and project plans. You'd have brainstorms and travel and legal involved.

This is one of the best examples I've seen of how ideas catch fire in the blogworld, and the best example I've seen of quick turn around on a collaborative venture with a tangible deliverable.

Would it have worked if there were money on the line? If this had been anything other than a labor of love? I'm guessing the backtracks and backbiting would have put a stop to it. Because giving, not gain, was the motivation.

It's been a fascinating week watching this develop. I think I'll have more to say on the phenomenon of the priest with the idea that inspired dozens to open their mouths.