April 15, 2005


From Broken Type:
Bad Business Slang

Let’s give him a plastic cup and see what he fills it with.

I’d like to chain that question to the radiator for a few months.

We need to stop worrying about the low hanging fruit and start going after the injured pack animals.

We’ll look up that skirt when we come to it.

This organization is all chiefs and no plagues.

I’d like to double-tap that issue to be sure.

We’re still feeling our way around the meat locker on that one.

May I add some?

We need a 30,000-foot look at the problem before we flush the toilet on the jet.

Let's float your idea out there and watch it sink like a mobster hit.

Our people are our biggest assholes.

Let me noodle on that while I'm at the porn show.

We turn data into infomercials.

We offer comprehensive benefits that you don't qualify for.

Our foundation is as solid as a muffin pan in a midnight kitchen.