April 15, 2005

iPod Free

I blow you away when I post with such fervor. Don't I? Is that how you spell fervor?

I still don't own an iPOD.

I don't know much about them except that even Presaccident Bush has one now. And he has My Sherona on it.


My main problem with getting an iPod is that I think you have to plug it into your computer. Or some cradle that plugs into the computer. USB I assume. And I use a laptop. And if there is one thing I hate it's tethering cords. I still haven't gone wireless inside the house. I have the DSL cable and the power cord already. And some days I take pictures on my digital camera, but the thought of connecting it to the USB port with that stinking cable is enough to make me nap.

Doesn't take much these days.

Then I think of actually using the iPod as a Busy Adult Mother. Like, WHEN? The only time I listen to music now is either on my laptop or in the car. I suppose you iPod people plug your iPod's into your car and somehow use it that way.

Well, that sounds sort of interesting.

Did I mention I still have an entire wall of LPs?

I haven't even accepted the CD yet for music.

Some technology I just don't get.