April 08, 2005

Oh for the love of!!!!!!

So I'm watching Marshmallow tonight wondering, why is she so skittish--she's just not taking care of the babies. Is it because we had to move them out of the wheel of death? Is it because it's her first time?

I'm watching, you know, coaxing her on--comeon marshmallow, you're doing good. You check on the babies, you take food in there, but you're not... doing......

I look over to Coco's cage, the dad, who has been asleep all day, man, why is he... so... tired.......


I grab Marshmallow, lift him/her out, look underneath, a thing, okay, looks like a hole, okay NO FRICKING NIPPLES. I shove him back in, grab Coco out of the other cage, hoping for an obvious penis, lift him/her up, and there is the evidence, clear as day, evidence we didn't see earlier.

OH SHIT! Tiny little babies, still squirming some, no milk in 11 hours, what are their chances. How did we get it wrong? Why was Coco eating them? Why was mashmallow protecting them? Oh man. I kind of told Jenna. We got it wrong.

She is thinking of new names for them. That's the spirit.

Anyway, I swapped the cages, turned out the lights.

I can't watch.