April 08, 2005

Totus Towhom?

Thursday Questions

How does buying a bus ticket to Rome to see a dead pope make one a “Pilgrim”?

How does a man who headed a church that covered up the most widespread institutionalized incidence of child abuse earn talk of sainthood?

How long does someone need to be on display before you put them in the ground?

Where in the text of the scriptures that Catholics adhere to does it say anything about a Pope, about refering to any man as “The Holy Father” or about worshiping an elected official of the church?

Hello people of the world: Get inside your grieving and find what has birthed your hysteria. Could it be that once again you’ve let mainstream media channel and feed off your grief for its own gain? The Pope’s not the only one on display. Your sordid tiresome souls are bleeding through my television screen. Your pain is real, but it’s got nothing to do with the guy in red on the slab with three pillows under his head and a scepter under his arm.