April 03, 2005

A Rose By Any Other Name--Or The Apprentice

Looking at my nude ass is like knowing the square root of a million squared times infinity.

If I could fire bloggers, here's what I'd say:

If you are deciding what to write about by reading ANY of the Technorati Top 100, you're fired.

If you are about to tell me how you feel about the latest MSM story -- shit, if you are going to even think of USING the acronym MSM -- you're fired.

If linked in the last two days, or if you are planning to link to in the next two days, David/Doc/Jay/Scoble/Jay/Jeff/Dan/Dave, you're fired.

If you are waiting for RSS to tell you what to write about, you're fired.

You want to be lazy? Do it on your own time, because you're fired.

There is uncharted territory everywhere on the net. There are discoveries with key words like "peace, my ass" just waiting to transform your vague interest into a genuine passion.

I get calls all the time from NASA because they are worried that if everyone in the entire world thinks of my ass at exactly the same time... then the universe will supernova.