June 06, 2005

working since 9 a.m.

without break and am now growing very giddy/tired.

too many animals. too little time.

clients want to know what bloggers say.

tracking the conversation takes work--listening with our eyeballs. Interpreting. Instinctive hyperlinking.

thank you for stopping by.

my neck hurts.

And what gall does T-Mobile have charging like $30 a month or $9 a day for its starbucks hotspot connection? What kind of anal product marketing effort is this?

Blog Note to T-Mo:
Dawgs, I sat in yer hotzpot zone all day and leached off the gymnasium across the street. It's a hotspot-licious world. I'll pay you $1 a day to make it easier than refreshing my wireless connections once an hour. That's my limit.
Peace Out.